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Immerse yourself in an adventure of a lifetime under the magnificent Somali Sun. Embrace the adrenaline rush as you breach the borders of both land and sea while submerging in the rich culture of Somalia.


As Somalia is a nation with a vast coastline and pristine, beautifully untouched beaches, the thrilling invitation of the turquoise ocean is irresistible. While Somalia may not be at the top of a conventional list for international surfing destinations, it offers a unique surfing experience unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Our category presents a guide to an unrivaled collection of exquisite beachfront accommodations, thrilling surfing spots, and maritime experiences. Practice your surfing skills under the African sun, all the while enjoying the stunning, pristine sweep of beaches Somalia’s coast offers.

From the enticing white sands of Liido Beach in Mogadishu to the hidden surf spots along the Gulf of Aden, our selection introduces you to Somalia’s spectacular surf breaks. If you’re new to surfing, professional guidance from talented local surf instructors is available, who will not only instruct you regarding the basics of surfing but also share awe-inspiring stories about the sea. And for the experienced surfers, you could test your mettle against the demanding Somali waves, a magnificent sight that promises an unforgettable adrenaline cocktail.


As part of our category, we encourage you to submerge in the rich Somali culture during your adventurous stay. Take delight as you wander through the boisterous markets and take in the colorful atmosphere imbued with exotic scents and vibrant mosaic of textures. Enjoy a glimpse into the everyday lives of Somalis through visits to local towns and villages, taking time to understand the customs and traditions that make this nation unique. Engage with the warm, hospitable nomadic tribes and fishermen, the soul of this great nation rich with diversity.

Delight your senses with an authentic Somali gastronomic adventure that goes far beyond the typical tourist favorites. Learn how to prepare traditional dishes such as the celebrated Somali Pilaf and Sambusas under the guidance of local chefs, or discover Mogadishu’s energetic nightlife, the city that literally never sleeps.

Note: Casinos

While Somalia captivates with its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine, it’s paramount to note that due to local legal restrictions in accordance with Sharia law, the operation of casinos is prohibited in the country. Thus, we ask those who travel under our category to respect the laws and regulations that govern the social life in this widely Islamic country. Therefore, there will be no listings related to casinos or any form of gambling. As responsible travelers, it is our duty to honor the nation’s laws, values, and customs. Remember, you can have an extraordinary adventure steeped in a world of thrill and fascination, unlike anywhere else without the involvement of gambling.

Final Words

In summary, while Somalia might not be the textbook ‘holiday paradise,’ its untouched beaches, clear turquoise waters perfect for surfing, rich culture brimming with welcoming locals and mouth-watering cuisine offer an unforgettable adventure. Somalia has much to give for those willing to discover its hidden secrets. Explore this category, embrace the nomadic spirit, enjoy the power of Somali ocean waves, and respect the country’s cultural and legal norms.

Truly, Somalia is not a journey for everyone, but for the bold-hearted, it’s a kaleidoscope of life-lessons, adventures, and experiences that will be forever etched in their memories.

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