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Journey to the gem of the eastern Mediterranean – Lebanon, a place where history, culture, and natural beauty converge splendidly. This place is not just about thrilling landscapes or mouth-watering mezzes; it’s also about featuring some of the fantastic ‘out of the box’ activities. There, you get the chance to experience the communing vibe between the sun, the sea, and you, with the thrilling sport of surfing. At the same time appreciate Lebanon’s strict policies regarding certain leisure activities such as casinos which are strictly forbidden in the country, making Lebanon a fascinating, unique, and a culturally rich destination in every sense.

Lebanon, the small Middle Eastern country with the golden coast demonstrates a different angle at expressing its charm minus the glamour and glitz of casinos and gambling. However, it doesn’t mean that it lacks a taste of bold excitement or adventurous thrill – which is precisely where Surfing enters the picture in the Lebanese scene.

The coastline of Lebanon, stretching over 225 kilometers, paints an appealing picture of potential for both novice and seasoned surfers. From Batroun in the north to Tyre at the South, the country possesses an array of surf spots along its captivating coastline. The most popular amongst them is the vibrant coastal city of Jiyeh, located south of Beirut. This Mediterranean surfing spot attracts enthusiasts with its appealing waves and churning surf. The experience is further intensified by the spectacular view of the mountainous backdrop and the city silhouette idyllically sitting at the horizon.

Beyond just Jiyeh, Batroun – another charming surfing spot, known for its ancient Phoenician wall, strikes the perfect balance between adventure and serene beauty. Picture this: riding the waves while surrounded by centuries-old cultural history and unspoiled natural beauty. Engaging in surf under the azure sky with the ancient, picturesque vibe – it’s a scene right out of a movie.

You can’t talk about surfing in Lebanon without a mention of the cosmopolitan capital city, Beirut. It offers its stretch of the Mediterranean to surfers, making even urban living an adventure gateway! The city’s Raouche neighborhood, with its iconic pigeon rocks, adds a unique flavor to the whole surfing experience.

One ingredient that truly enhances Lebanon’s surf offerings is its community. As the surf culture is steadily growing, camaraderie among surfers is heart-warming. The local surfers are welcoming, sharing wave stories, tips, and helping newbies to navigate the Lebanese waters. It’s an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to ride the Mediterranean waves and bask in its glory.

Even though Lebanon operates on a prohibition of casinos and gambling, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of invigorating experiences to electrify your senses. Besides surfing, be it nightclubs in Beirut blasting electrifying music, or the delectable taste of the country’s much-loved staple, Kebbe, to the hike in the majestic mountains of Qadisha Valley, or a visit to Baalbek’s awe-inspiring Roman ruins, the Lebanese land is filled with treasures waiting to be explored.

Instead of the thrill of the casino, why not find joy in the surf? Feel the adrenaline rushing as you paddle hard, pop-up on your board, and ride a cresting wave, all the while soaking in the golden views of Lebanon’s incredible coastline. So strap your board, catch a wave, and prepare yourself for a memorable experience in this warm and hospitable nation.

In conclusion, Lebanon is the perfect destination for cultural immersion and thrill-seeking without straying into casino-based activities. With its prohibition on casinos, the thrill of surfing, and the overall radiant energy of the country, Lebanon weighs in as a one-of-a-kind destination that seamlessly blends adventure, history, culture, and natural beauty all in one package. Unleash your inner adventurer and get the ultimate Mediterranean experience in the enchanting lands of Lebanon.

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